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Ground Monitoring Software

GroundSleuth monitors tenure changes in property ownership near the client project area to detect and enable opportunities for new ground acquisition. GroundSleuth provides a visual representation of these ground movements on a map, which is automatically forwarded to clients daily.

Reliable and safe, GroundSleuth maximises the value of tenement acquisitions without compromising operations and without navigating through government mapping systems. Users can evaluate the different acquisition scenarios and present the best options for development to reduce costs and maximise resource utilisation.

The Software is proven to add significant value to projects, already being used by tenement managers managing 54 mining and exploration companies with projects in Western Australia.



The client sends us a map of their project area and outlines an area of interest that would like to expand into if the ground becomes available.

GroundSleuth maps this area, monitors the ground daily and sends email alerts when it notices a change in tenure within this area of interest.

The interactive map takes you on a journey to reveal where the tenement is located making it much easier for Exploration Managers and Geologists to assess if this is an area they are interested in picking up. 

GroundSleuth Interactive Visual Mapping Tool


Email notifications alert client to changes in tenement geometry, new pending tenement, voluntary partial surrender, outright surrender which is still pending, thereby giving you advanced warning to peg ground before a competitor, tenement nearing expiry and withdrawal of tenement.

This email shows the clients project area in blue, the dotted line marks the area of interest and red is the tenement which is in jeopardy.

GroundSleuth Email Notifications

GroundSleuth is currently only available for Western Australia. Plans to extend to other states in Australia and key, resource rich jurisdictions around the globe is underway, more information will be provided closer to the release dates.

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