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Global Tenements Worldwide Tenement Security Software is an independent tenement management database system developed to protect mining tenure locally, nationally, and globally. It represents true tenement compliance, offering a web-based platform for convenience where access to the system is immediate and universal. It is intuitive, and easily adapts to the constant change in government regulations providing accurate, real time data throughout the lifetime of tenements.

Global Tenements provides an accurate record of financial and physical commitments while tracking compliance of reporting requirements. The system promotes consistency for prospectors and small companies to expand with a proven blueprint to manage their tenements. Global Tenements also serves as a planning tool, negating use of multiple spreadsheets and impractical security measures, to allow continual improvement of tenure compliance making it a cost-effective way to professionally manage tenure in-house.

Add-on features including action alerts via SMS and managing user access is easily achieved through our user-friendly interface, empowering users to take control of all tenement requirements, applying own expertise, and institutional knowledge on tenement management to become more efficient.

Users can also dedicate time to fine tune project areas and focus on the intended tenements that may be ready to pick-up.

Choose Global Tenements to protect your biggest assets - your mining tenements. Our foolproof system will:


  • Basic tenement data input becomes a record for ongoing tracking, scheduling and compliance
  • Plots deadlines and costs based on initial input which ensures accuracy of information presented
  • Calculates rent, expenditure, fees, rates
  • Allows information about native title, access and royalty agreements to be overlaid over tenement maps
  • Flags deadlines for rehabilitation requirements for program of works or areas of disturbance
  • All tenement requirements, from application to expiry and all stages in between are governed by mines department requirements


  • Monitoring data integrity
  • Keeping you fully aware of compliance conditions
  • Creation of an undisputed audit trail
  • Transparent accountability
  • Ability to plan and forecast budget expenditure for tenements
  • Greater control over all aspects of tenure
  • Real time access of tenements and their status
  • Enhances due diligence for potential shareholders
  • Timely advice
  • GETS reputation backing Global Tenements
  • Data flexibility – the rules and regulations which form the basic structure of the database, may be adjusted as the procedural requirements are updated by department of mines or similar entity


The most valuable asset of mining companies is their mining tenement portfolio. Maintaining the integrity of data and ensuring the security of these assets requires diligence and scrupulous attention to detail. Features:

  • Version control – negates issues of multiple spreadsheets
  • Creates an audit trail to keep in-country agents transparent
  • Multi jurisdictional – tracks compliance in all countries
  • Ensures timely advice with inbuilt calendar reminders
  • Keeps track of compliance issues through built in safeguards
  • Tracks deadlines for lodging reports and meeting commitments to keep mining tenements in good standing
  • Steps you through processes which assists new staff follow procedure
  • Assists training staff through inbuilt log of tasks
  • Acts as a procedural guideline and check list
  • Cost-effective way to professionally manage tenure in-house
  • Reliable and secure
  • Great planning and budgeting tool
  • Easy to use – don’t want to spend a long time learning to use it or train staff
  • No hidden costs in purchasing the software – one up-front implementation cost then monthly usage fee
  • Developed by using the combined experience of 30 years in the Tenement Management industry to make it easy for tenement managers to use


  • Makes the tenement management process easier
  • Saves time as it helps to prevent human error
  • Shares knowledge of Australia’s best practice to a world-wide market
  • Using the combined knowledge of 30 years experience to build a robust, transparent system
  • Helps with training staff through a guided process
  • Promotes consistency with in-built template reports
  • Portable because it is cloud based and accessed from laptops using secure passwords
  • Real time knowledge of tenure status is accessible 24/7
  • Review deadlines quickly
  • Empowering prospectors and small companies to expand with a proven blueprint to manage their tenements


With 4 years of developing the software which contains MD Tracy Browning, and her staff's industry knowledge, we can confidently provide a faultless system that can achieve the results excellent tenure management requires – consistently!


Tenement details are entered into Global Tenements software program and once data such as tenement type, size and application date are known the system then intuitively completes the expected requirements for this tenement. It will step you through the process to ensure that you don’t miss a step and risk your tenement application being refused.

You will be reminded to notify affected parties within 14 days of application being lodged, that securities must be lodged within 28 days and that the affidavit must be lodged within 28 days.

It is like having a tenement manager with over 12 years experience overseeing your staff and ensuring they don’t forget a step in the process.


Once a tenement is granted there are many compliance deadlines which are time sensitive. If you miss paying rent or lodging a report on time you risk a fine which is an expense you can do without or in extreme cases forfeiture which could be catastrophic.

The beauty of this system is it tracks all your compliance deadlines in an easily accessible format. At the click of a button you can immediately see what the requirements are for paying rent, lodging expenditure, lodging exemption reports and statutory declarations.

It gives you peace of mind.


The database allows you to update tasks. If you lodge expenditure that is short of minimum requirements Global Tenements Software will generate a task and remind you to complete the requirements. All are time sensitive; i.e., expenditure Reports must be lodged 60 days from anniversary date, exemptions must be lodged with expenditure reports and statutory declarations must be lodged 28 days after exemptions are lodged.


The warning system is colour coded to escalate the critical time frames with red being the most urgent.

With so many things to manage you don’t want to be in a position with a staff member being sick on the day a fine is due and failure to pay will mean the tenement is automatically forfeited.

This system provides peace of mind to ensure that no critical action date is ever ignored.


When you are converting an expiring tenement into a mining lease the system will link the tenure together, so you know that they are dependent upon one another until the pending mining lease is granted. This ensures you don’t accidently risk losing the underlying tenement and give opportunities for others to peg under a mining lease which may or may not be granted. The process protects your tenure from others.


All pastoralists details are recorded on the system which makes it easy when you must notify them before commencing program of works.

The more transparent your approach the less likely you will receive complaints from affected parties.


Global Tenements keeps your native title records linked to your tenements. This means if you require a heritage survey due to a disturbance on the tenement the system will let you know which claimants to contact.

You can also record if there are special requirements for your native title agreement such as a quarterly fee. The system will remind you of payment being due and keep a record of when it is paid.


Record can be kept of all overlapping tenure and the access agreements which may be entered into.

You can track all agreements that are associated with your tenements. This will aid planning for drilling programs where you may need to give advanced notice to Miscellaneous License holders.

It also negates the issues associated with multiple spreadsheets and version control. All your information is available at a click of a button.


Global Tenements has been thoroughly tested by tenement managers who have managed over 1,000 tenements. It is proven that it can achieve the results excellent tenure management requires, consistently.

We know the system is replicable for mining codes globally and utilises the best practice standards of the Western Australian mining code and regulations.

Why should you buy Global Tenements software – because it empowers you to take control of your tenure and gives you the tools to make better decisions about expenditure and saves you money.

Seems too good to be true?

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