Celebrating 10 years in business

From thos...

Celebrating 10 years in business

From those early days when I struggled to find clients, get clients to pay (an ongoing battle), finding staff, keeping staff (I am blessed with a wonderful team) and expanding the services GETS offer in mining tenement management I have come a long way.

I am feeling particularly chuffed that on my 10th anniversary I was finally able to open the subscriptions to Global Tenements software and offer mining and exploration companies this online service to manage their tenements. It resisted me to the final hour but at 4:30 pm yesterday I can now say we are ready to welcome subscribers to Global Tenements.

As covid-19 has shown us you can't rest on your laurels but must constantly adapt to stay relevant and keep your clients and staff safe. It is not time to voice your doubts but lead your team through these exceptional times and give them a safe harbour.

Personally my harbour is very crowded at the moment. We are sheltering 3 sons, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren under one roof. The once quiet house is now a hive of activity which is delightful except for one thing … who is doing the dishes??? 

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