Greed, Gore, Gangs and a Ghost Town: The legend of Ch...

Greed, Gore, Gangs and a Ghost Town: The legend of Chuck Stanton part II

Antelope Station, Arizona, USA. 1877-1879

When we last left Chuck Stanton, he controlled the mail system and the so-called justice system in the town of Antelope Station, briefly known as Stanton. Roughly 35 people are said to be buried around the town, their deaths never investigated by Deputy Stanton.

Well-educated, snobbish, with an Irish brogue and an incredibly rude tongue, he was nicknamed the “Irish Lord”. Potential customers avoided his business if they could help it, favouring the friendlier establishments-- Yacqui Wilson and John Timmerman’s store, and William Partridge’s hotel.

But Chuck apparently wanted to have his customers and insult them too.

Knowing Partridge was also jealous that Wilson’s and Timmerman’s business was more successful than his, Chuck saw his chance to get rid of two competitors at the same time in August 1877.

While Yacqui was away on business, the Vega gang set his pigs free and herded them onto William Partridge’s property, where they ate everything they could find.

A jealous Partridge was now also a furious one.

Finally, Chuck sent word to Partridge that Wilson blamed him for stampeding his pigs, and planned to kill him. When an unarmed Wilson went to retrieve his pigs, intending to pay for the damage they had caused, an enraged and fearful Partridge shot and killed him.

Partridge gave himself up the next day, and so two people were neatly disposed of.

Understandably upset, John Timmerman closed the store he had owned with Wilson—but opened a new store with local Barney Martin in 1879.

Chuck’s response was to hire a hitman. Timmerman died from a close-range pistol shot. To add insult to injury, because of the poor gun technology of the era, the shot also set his body on fire until he was found.

Only Barney Martin was left. With debts against his business, and perhaps realising what he was up against, Barney sold the store to Chuck.

Chuck now controlled all of Antelope Station’s supplies, cash flow, justice, and communications.

And that was that.

Except for the fact that Chuck Stanton was, well, Chuck Stanton…

Chuck Stanton’s iron-fisted reign concludes next week (and also in 1886). 

We don’t even know where to begin. We’re… we’re just not going to do any of the above to you. Call Global Tenements for a fair and bloodless tenement consultation that won’t involve pigs, hitmen, or god forbid, Chuck Stanton.

This story was sourced by "Stephanie Russo, who is a freelance journalist and a Kalgoorlie native now based in Perth, Western Australia. Among many other things, she is fascinated by larger-than-life people and the weirdness of the mining industry. She can be found at"

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