Celebrating 5 years as a software business.

Celebrating 5 years as a software business.

As we celebrate 5 years since morphing into a software company we can confidently say peace of mind allows you to enjoy other pleasures.

Several years of working in the mining industry, Tracy realised firsthand how fraught paper-based systems were to managing tenements and how juggling multiple spreadsheets can lead to errors (sometimes fatal ones). 

Tracy had a passion to find a solution to the paper-based situation and in 2017, after 4 years of developing Global Tenements, Tracy had morphed her company into a technology-based foundation and adopted her software's name Global Tenements

"Looking back to a diary entry I made on 4th May 2017 about registering Global Tenements as a company I wrote that I was feeling slightly apprehensive but excited.  I also hoped that it lives up to its expectations and is a company I can be proud of. Being constantly paranoid about risking the loss of one of my client’s tenements has given me a lot of sleepless nights over the years but now I sleep better knowing the whole team is aware of critical actions and their deadlines. The software has our back and delivers in spades.

 I now have an appreciation of the complexities of building software and a renewed respect for my software engineers. Wrangling a system to deliver consistent and accurate results is a challenge and we are constantly tweaking and improving what we offer. We have built a very robust system that now delivers so much more than what I originally envisioned. Five years on I can report that I do feel proud of what we have achieved and am still apprehensive but excited about what lies ahead." -Tracy Browning

Why we trust Global Tenements

We use Global Tenements every day so trust that we have created the most compliant system you could possibly source.  And we are always here to help – there are 5 of us with a full knowledge of the software so there will always be someone to help you. If you can’t trust us for peace of mind who can you trust.


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