Disrupting traditional means of tenement mana...

Disrupting traditional means of tenement management

We first began our tenement management journey in 2010, with the goal of assisting exploration companies and prospectors to get mining sooner. We were one of two tenement management businesses operating from Kalgoorlie-Boulder at the time and have since increased our standing by 83%.

In 2019, after 4 years of developing our tenement management database software, we morphed into a technology-based company. Our software lead us to win an Innovation and Technology award and soon after, we were recognised by global explorers who sought a better process to manage their tenements abroad and in Western Australia.

To this day, we continue to disrupt the traditional means of tenement management by upgrading the technology we developed to make us more efficient, productive and dramatically reduce tenure risk for our clients. Our technology can also be used independently to further support in-house tenure management without hindering current processes.

Streamlining our Objection process for better efficiency.

Recently, we upgraded our objection process to provide our clients with stepped-out tasks associated with objection requirements with due dates. The timely information recorded under these tasks can be exported into a single report which we provide to our clients via email every month.

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