Winning land tenure: Why attempt extraordinary e...

Winning land tenure: Why attempt extraordinary efforts just to await ballot?

By Tracy Browning

Recently, I was alerted to an opportunity to pick up ground due to a compulsory partial surrender of an Exploration Licence. The ground was set for public release at 8.30am.

I began the online application process for the 1 block Exploration Licence (ELA) and within minimal time, the application including the supporting documentation and payment of relevant fees was lodged.

A far cry from my early days in tenement management where we would wait outside the Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety (DMIRS) offices for their doors to open, get the application stamped then await ballot to decide who would win the ground.

In those days, the application was required to be lodged at the DMIRS office that administered the mineral field. I was often travelling to Coolgardie, Leonora or Norseman to assist my clients pick up ground.

Nowadays, the availability of online lodgements means we can apply for valuable ground the day before (after close of business day) to allow the application to be receipted as received at 8.30am on the day the ground is publicly available.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a prospector had gone to the trouble of pegging two 152ha Prospecting Licenses (PLA) 10 days before the public release date and lodged the applications at 8:30am.

All above board according to DMIRS and the prospector’s applications will be included in the ballot. But one wonders why he went to the extraordinary efforts of marking out ground just to go into a ballot with everyone else’s applications.

The total cost of application fees and rent was $1,289.60 for 2 PLA’s as against $820 fees for 1 block ELA. If he is successful and wins the ground in the ballot then the total expenditure costs for both is $12,160 whereas the ELA minimum expenditure requirement is $10,000.

At Global Tenements we do our homework so you save money and stay snug and warm in bed whilst your search for acquiring ground is fruitful.

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