Diggers and Dealers 2021

Every year the Di...

Diggers and Dealers 2021

Every year the Diggers and Dealers Conference blows into Kalgoorlie-Boulder like a swift tornado grasping at the town with full force. From all over Australia, the Mining sector gathers for a few days of 'wheeling and dealing' and despite no eastern state representatives attending in person due to COVID lockdowns, there were over 2400 people to talk to. All and all, this was a very positive Diggers as attendees were be able to meet in large numbers without masks and Global Tenements was happy to take part.

Carefree days at sea: Sailing from Exmouth to Fremantle.

Having a passion for sailing can be challenging to fulfil when you live 600kms inland from the Indian Ocean.  However Tracy and her husband Paul, managed to recharge their batteries sailing their yacht from Exmouth to Fremantle.  Regular sightings of whales kept them alert and delighted whilst scanning the horizon, and although one whale in particular came too close for comfort, the magnificant creature did give a great view of his enormous belly. Check out the video here.

"When you are on the ocean without sight of land you have to become self-reliant, husbanding your resources, fixing anything that breaks and safety conscious as no ambulance is readily available if you hurt yourself.  Something that many mining companies would be very conscious of when exploring our remote regions." -Tracy Browning, Managing Director.

The ocean breezes blew away the dust and cobwebs and have reinvigorated Tracy's interest in taking Global Tenements and the services we offer to the highest levels of professionalism. 

Compliance is key: how we add value without the fuss.

We are continuing to improve what we offer and now have utilised a law firm to assist us with access agreements to ensure we are more professional without further cost to our clients.

We continue to use technology to give our clients better visibility of their projects.  Through Global Tenements software we allow our clients to see exactly what the tenement consultants are working on with their tenement package.  No longer do they need to wait for their tenement managers to prepare reports, it is readily available now online in real time.

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