South Kalgoorlie -How it came to be


South Kalgoorlie -How it came to be

Western Mail 26th Dec 1946

Ex-servicemen have banded together for a building project at Kalgoorlie

The Housing Problem   –    Enterprise on the Goldfields        by K, Douglas

DUE to the initiative and willingness of a band of ex servicemen, a model community centre is well under way to being completed at Salisbury-road, South Kalgoorlie, The area is adjacent to the Kalgoorlie racecourse, and in the heyday of the goldfields was a well built on area.

Those responsible for the scheme are members of the 2/28th Battalion Association, and the 24th Tank Attack Association, who found they had men in their associations who had no accommodation for housing their families.

WITH other goldfields men who had served in the A.I.F,  R.A.N., and R.A.A.F., a total number of 22 formed themselves into a mutual help organisation, with the Intention of providing homes for themselves and their families.

By each man contributing to a fund, £1,300 was. raised. This purchased the land, and by dispatching two of their members to Wiluna, the Lake Way Hostel, a dwelling of 22 rooms, was bought. Materials from this dwelling will complete the first six homes.


The first foundation stump for the first house was sunk on September 20 and, of a total of 22 homes to be built, three are now occupied with two more in course of construction. It is hoped to have the 22 completed by June of next year.  The South Kalgoorlie School is adjacent and, in the plan for the area, trees and hedges are to be planted. Provision is also made for a recreation centre and park, this making it a complete centre in itself.

Material for the houses is carted by road from Wiluna, where further purchases have been made, to complete the 22 as planned. There is no set plan for the homes; the men may build to their own individual designs, these being such that in the majority of cases extensions can be made if the occasion arises, and when additional material becomes more plentiful, The only restriction laid down is the limit to the floor space, this being 800 square feet. This has been done because of the shortage of floor boards.

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Credit: Moya Sharp

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