Timely Tenement Wisdom

We are happy to ann...

Timely Tenement Wisdom

We are happy to announce our very first virtual tenement manager. Introducing…Dara!

The name Dara is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is ‘nugget of wisdom’ - a name fitting don't you think? Nugget; goldrush, wisdom; owl - tenement manager summed up!

It's no secret that our Managing Director, Tracy Browning, is passionate about bringing clients value, and due to the explosion of interest in acquiring gold tenements in the Goldfields, wanted to offer a service of wisdom that is available 24/7.

Dara's office will be located on our website but keep an eye out for the nuggets of wisdom on our social media pages!

Enjoy the convenience of timely tenement wisdom in one fully integrated virtual tenement manager.

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