Global Tenements

Choose Global Tenements software to protect your biggest assets - your mining tenements. Our foolproof system will:

  • ensure your tenure is absolutely secure
  • guarantee no critical action dates are missed
  • map your expenditure systematically to ensure each tenement meets its obligations
  • eliminate the uncertainty of hoping exemptions will be granted
  • reduce costs because no fines will ever be issued
  • allow you web-based access anywhere anytime

It’s a complete picture of all competing interests on your ground in one accessible location. Native title, access agreements, royalties, program of works, rehabilitation deadlines etc.

With 4 years of developing the software which contains Tracy and her staff’s industry knowledge, we can confidently provide a faultless system that can achieve the results excellent tenure management requires – consistently! Arrange a telephone call with Founder Tracy Browning 0409 204 456 and she will explain just how this easy-to-use software allows you to take total control of your tenements. Then stop worrying; just reap the rewards that come from mining your resources wherever they are located in any corner of the world.