Features of Global Tenements

Creating a Tenement

Tenement details are entered into Global Tenements software program and once data such as tenement type, size and application date are known the system then intuitively completes the expected requirements for this tenement. It will step you through the process to ensure that you don’t miss a step and risk your tenement application being refused.

You will be reminded to notify affected parties within 14 days of application being lodged, that securities must be lodged within 28 days and that the affidavit must be lodged within 28 days.

It is like having a tenement manager with over 12 years experience overseeing your staff and ensuring they don’t forget a step in the process.

Compliance Deadlines

Once a tenement is granted there are many compliance deadlines which are time sensitive. If you miss paying rent or lodging a report on time you risk a fine which is an expense you can do without or in extreme cases forfeiture which could be catastrophic.

The beauty of this system is it tracks all your compliance deadlines in an easily accessible format. At the click of a button you can immediately see what the requirements are for paying rent, lodging expenditure, lodging exemption reports and statutory declarations.

It gives you peace of mind.

Updates Tasks

The database allows you to update tasks. If you lodge expenditure that is short of minimum requirements Global Tenements Software will generate a task and remind you to complete the requirements. All are time sensitive; i.e. expenditure Reports must be lodged 60 days from anniversary date, exemptions must be lodged with expenditure reports and statutory declarations must be lodged 28 days after exemptions are lodged.

Outstanding Tasks Report

The warning system is colour coded to escalate the critical time frames with red being the most urgent.

With so many things to manage you don’t want to be in a position with a staff member being sick on the day a fine is due and failure to pay will mean the tenement is automatically forfeited.

This system provides peace of mind to ensure that no critical action date is ever ignored.

Converting Tenure

When you are converting an expiring tenement into a mining lease the system will link the tenure together so you know that they are dependent upon one another until the pending mining lease is granted. This ensures you don’t accidently risk losing the underlying tenement and give opportunities for others to peg under a mining lease which may or may not be granted. The process protects your tenure from others.

Land Holder Lease

All pastoralists details are recorded on the system which makes it easy when you must notify them before commencing program of works.

The more transparent your approach the less likely you will receive complaints from affected parties.

Native Title and Heritage

Global Tenements keeps your native title records linked to your tenements. This means if you require a heritage survey due to a disturbance on the tenement the system will let you know which claimants to contact.

You can also record if there are special requirements for your native title agreement such as a quarterly fee. The system will remind you of payment being due and keep a record of when it is paid.

Overlapping Tenure

Record can be kept of all overlapping tenure and the access agreements which may be entered into.

You can track all agreements that are associated with your tenements. This will aid planning for drilling programs where you may need to give advanced notice to Miscellaneous Licence holders.

It also negates the issues associated with multiple spreadsheets and version control. All your information is available at a click of a button.

Shire Assessment

Rates are recorded in the system which is helpful when needing information for expenditure reports and annual budgets.

Tenement Agreements

Agreements can be identified in the database so you can easily find them.

By recording all agreements associated with your tenement ie royalty agreements, access agreements, sale agreements, native title agreements you can see how useful this would be when providing an audit trail. The more transparent the trail the easier it will be to meet compliance if you are looking to sell the tenement or prepare a pre-feasibility study.

It will also save you enormous amounts of time having access to all the information in one place easily documented.

We are also looking to have this information available as an overlay to a map of your tenement. The more visual the easier not to forget a step.

Program of Works

You can track when action has started on a program of works, when it is completed and when the rehabilitation is due. This will be information that you can feed into the Mining Rehabilitation Fund.


Global Tenements allow you to add comments relating to the tenement which are saved as a historical record of additional activities or observations.

Planning Expenditure

By importing your monthly expenditure from your financial system i.e. MYOB we can produce a report which will give you greater clarity in planning your expenditure.

Global Tenements is web based so providing you have access to the internet when you are in the field or overseas you can access the information you seek in a timely manner and make more reasoned decisions rather than doing things in panic mode.

Multi Jurisdictional

We have ensured data flexibility – the rules and regulations which form the basic structure of the database, may be adjusted as the procedural requirements are updated by Departments of Mines.

The system is replicable for mining codes globally.

Combined Group Expenditure

It is always useful to know how you are tracking with expenditure for your project groups if you need to apply for an exemption based on group spend being in excess of minimum requirements.

Global Tenements can produce reports for each combined group to keep you informed about how the expenditure is tracking against minimum requirements. When the expenditure is in excess of minimum requirements you can use this information to gain exemptions for tenements within the group which don’t meet minimum expenditure.


Global Tenements has been thoroughly tested by tenement managers who have managed over 1,000 tenements. It is proven that it can achieve the results excellent tenure management requires, consistently.

We know the system is replicable for mining codes globally and utilises the best practice standards of the Western Australian mining code and regulations.

Why should you buy Global Tenements software – because it empowers you to take control of your tenure and gives you the tools to make better decisions about expenditure and saves you money.

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