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November 10, 2020

The Worst Accident in the history of Australian Gold Mining and The Nicholas Family

William Nicholas was the manager of the Main Load GM in Burbanks. He had a long flowing white beard and was known for his eccentric behaviour, earning him the nickname ‘The Professor’. William married Alice Fowler and had two daughters, Alice May and Zoe Victoria, and two sons Clive Lanyon and William.

During the 1890’s the family migrated to Western Australia and Nicholas took up the management of Burbanks. His concern for mine safety no doubt owed a great deal to an incident near Bendigo VIC in the early 1880’s. At the time he was the manager of the North Creswick GM. Although a good manager he was not very good at sums. He made an error of 55ft when measuring the distance between an old flooded shaft and the new workings. When the water started to seep through, he was not unduly concerned as the pumps in the main shaft were powerful.

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Miners of the North Creswick GM
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