Tracy Browning Founder Global Tenements

Tracy Browning
Founder of
Global Tenement Software


Global Tenements Pty Ltd is the brainchild of Tracy Browning. Her knowledge is crafted from 15 years managing thousands of tenements in Australia and foreign jurisdictions for mining and exploration companies. As a skilled negotiator with a passion for honouring the land, its traditions and its future use; Tracy respectfully facilitates native title agreements and access agreements with stakeholders of competing interests.

Paul Browning Global Tenements


Tracy is very ably supported by her husband, Paul as co-director of Global Tenements Pty Ltd and successful businessman in his own right. Prior to operating their successful property conveyancing practice, Goldfields Settlements, Paul had experience in the agricultural and transport fields in business as well as over 10 years advising members of the Australian Parliament, including Ministers. He followed that with several years working within the indigenous affairs field. He brings very broad experience of external stakeholder engagement at both the highest levels of government in Australia and at the community level.


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