In June 2010, Goldfields Exploration Tenement Services commenced business in Kalgoorlie assisting mining companies to manage their tenements. Founder and Managing Director, Tracy Browning, established the business after five years working for a nickel exploration company, eventually managing their very extensive tenement holding, totaling nearly a thousand tenements.  Tracy had come to understand the need to devise, establish and continually tweak good systems to ensure all compliance dates were easily tracked to provide timely advice to the management team.

Our early clients were just launching their companies onto the ASX and contracted our services to ensure that all tenement information presented to the market was precise.  Now these companies are looking to move to production in the very near future. Critical to the relationship with our clients is to develop a level of trust that enables us to be part of their team, attend strategic planning meetings and advise on all aspects of tenure to assist our clients to get mining sooner.  Very productive partnerships have formed, and we are very proud of our clients' achievements, in many cases, from an idea now virtually into mineral production. Hence our slogan "Gets you mining sooner."

From the beginning we wanted to maximise value by developing trusting long-term relationships with our clients.  By offering a precise, knowledgeable service underpinned by integrity we hope to add value to our clients for the life of their projects. Along the way GETS has recruited some very experienced staff and one of our great achievements has been to mould them into a strong integrated team that reflects our corporate ethos of providing value with integrity and attention to detail that maximises opportunities for clients whilst minimising risk.

We value the expertise each of our staff brings and challenge them to strive to achieve higher goals.  We foster a family atmosphere in which we listen, guide and coach them develop their potential.


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