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Maintaining data integrity and ensuring the security of assets requires diligence and scrupulous attention to detail. Since 2010 GETS has been providing administrative services to protect mining companies by keeping tenements in compliance with the relevant government regulator, generally the mines department. Our clients can save money by managing their tenure in-house, their staff become more proficient, and can access timely information wherever they are in the world when planning their expenditure spend.


Mining titles are referred to as tenements and comprise prospecting leases, exploration leases, mining leases and miscellaneous leases. All are only held by the company (or individual) if the conditions of the lease are complied with. Failure to do so results in the forfeiture of the lease back to the government at which point it may be pegged or claimed by any other party. So they are critical assets but require enormous attention to the administrative detail to ensure compliance and hence eliminate the prospect of forfeiture, which is catastrophic as the holder loses their asset. Extraordinarily, despite the enormous stakes, this is something that is very frequently grossly mishandled in many companies, hence the outsourcing of it to specialists like GETS.


For the last four years, GETS have been developing an independent tenement management database software to ensure the integrity of mining tenure. It is intuitive and provides an accurate record of commitments, whilst tracking compliance of reporting requirements worldwide. Its ability to easily adapt rules and regulations allow it to keep up to date with the ever changing mines department regulations globally.

It has been setup to allow multi jurisdictional compliance and allows access to accurate data to assist Exploration Managers in making better decisions about work programs. It also tracks program of works and rehabilitation deadlines.

The coding IP is protected as it is a web based application. The actual software is stored on a server that has been protected against unauthorised intrusion and the disk is encrypted to protect against physical theft.


GETS is proudly launching this comprehensive software to global mining companies. Arrange a telephone call with Founder Tracy Browning 0409 204 456 and she will explain how subscribing to this foolproof, time saving compliance system lets you take total ultimate control of your tenements.

Who will it suit?

  • Mining companies wanting to retain control of compliance in-house
  • Tenement management companies managing tenure for multiple mining companies
  • Mining companies exploring in emerging markets ie Africa, South America, Asia
  • In-country agents in emerging resources markets ie Zambia, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Senegal, Myamar
  • Mining companies wanting to manage their mineral rights wherever they operate in the world

The feedback we’ve received from demonstations

“I’m impressed that we can access a database that gives control of our tenure.”

“We love that it is web based and we can log in from anywhere”

“It gives me the knowledge and access even if my key staff are on holidays or leave”

“I love that it plans expenditure professionally and tracks programs of works and rehabilitation deadlines for me.”

“Till now, its always been the large mining companies who could spend millions developing databases for their exclusive use. This is a fraction of the price and it’s a level playing field for smaller players like me.”

“We’re definitely interested!”

How it becomes a worry free software for you

  • Basic tenement data input becomes a record for ongoing tracking, scheduling and compliance
  • Plots deadlines and costs based on initial input which ensures accuracy of information presented
  • Calculates rent, expenditure, fees, rates
  • Allows information about native title, access and royalty agreements to be overlaid over tenement maps
  • Flags deadlines for rehabilitation requirements for program of works or areas of disturbance
  • All tenement requirements, from application to expiry and all stages in between are governed by mines department requirements

Why it is a game changer

The most valuable asset of mining companies is their mining tenement portfolio. Maintaining the integrity of data and ensuring the security of these assets requires diligence and scrupulous attention to detail. Features:

  • Version control – negates issues of multiple spreadsheets
  • Creates an audit trail to keep in-country agents transparent
  • Multi jurisdictional – tracks compliance in all countries
  • Ensures timely advice with inbuilt calendar reminders
  • Keeps track of compliance issues through built in safeguards
  • Tracks deadlines for lodging reports and meeting commitments to keep mining tenements in good standing
  • Steps you through processes which assists new staff follow procedure
  • Assists training staff through inbuilt log of tasks
  • Acts as a procedural guideline and check list
  • Cost-effective way to professionally manage tenure in-house
  • Reliable and secure
  • Great planning and budgeting tool
  • Easy to use – don’t want to spend a long time learning to use it or train staff
  • No hidden costs in purchasing the software – one up-front implementation cost then monthly usage fee
  • Developed by using the combined experience of 30 years in the Tenement Management industry to make it easy for tenement managers to use

The benefits you can count on

  • Monitoring data integrity
  • Keeping you fully aware of compliance conditions
  • Creation of an undisputed audit trail
  • Transparent accountability
  • Ability to plan and forecast budget expenditure for tenements
  • Greater control over all aspects of tenure
  • Real time access of tenements and their status
  • Enhances due diligence for potential shareholders
  • Timely advice
  • GETS reputation backing Global Tenements
  • Data flexibility – the rules and regulations which form the basic structure of the database, may be adjusted as the procedural requirements are updated by department of mines or similar entity

Why Choose Global Tenements Software?

  • Makes the tenement management process easier
  • Saves time as it helps to prevent human error
  • Shares knowledge of Australia’s best practice to a world-wide market
  • Using the combined knowledge of 30 years experience to build a robust, transparent system
  • Helps with training staff through a guided process
  • Promotes consistency with in-built template reports
  • Portable because it is cloud based and accessed from laptops using secure passwords
  • Real time knowledge of tenure status is accessible 24/7
  • Review deadlines quickly
  • Empowering prospectors and small companies to expand with a proven blueprint to manage their tenements

Tap in to our knowledge of tenure management, use it to reduce your costs and enhance your expansion. Arrange a telephone call with Founder Tracy Browning +61 409 204 456 and she will explain how subscribing to this foolproof, time saving compliance system lets you take total ultimate control of your tenements.

Seems too good to be true?

To understand how this revolutionary software can become your COMPLIANCE safety net, take a look at the list of tasks this software manages for you.

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