Worldwide Tenement Security Software

An independent tenement management database software with the built-in ability to adapt rules and regulations from the ever-changing mines department to ensure clients keep their tenure up to date and in good standing.

The software is intuitive and provides an accurate record of commitments, whilst tracking compliance of reporting requirements nationally and worldwide.


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Ground Mapping Software

The software monitors tenure changes in property ownership near client project areas to detect and enable opportunities for new ground acquisition. Visual representation of these ground movements are seen on a map and is automatically forwarded to clients via email notifications.


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Global Tenement Management Software


All tenement requirements from application to expiry are governed by mines department requirements

Global Tenement Management Software


Manage your mineral rights globally, with access to the system wherever you operate in the world

Global Tenement Management Software


Portable and cloud based - access real time knowledge of tenure status securely online 24/7

Global Tenement Management Software


Reliable and secure, proven to achieve the results excellent tenure management requires.

Global Tenement Management Software


Empowering you to take control of your tenure with the tools to make better decisions about expenditure


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Disrupting traditional means of tenement management

We first began our tenement management journey in 2010, with the goal of assisting exploration companies and prospectors to get mining sooner. We were one of two tenement management businesses operating from Kalgoorlie-Boulder at the time and have since increased our standing by 83%.

In 2019, after 4 years of developing our tenement management database software, we morphed into a technology-based company. Our software lead us to win an Innovation and Technology award and soon after, we were recognised by global explorers who sought a better process to manage their tenements abroad and in Western Australia.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We hope you are enjoying the festivities and taking a well-earned break.

Looking forward to reconnecting with you in the new year, ‘til then stay safe and keep smiling.

Office will resume normal duties on Tuesday 4th January 2022

From the team at Global Tenements

Kalgoorlie Christmas Parade 2021

Managing Director, Tracy Browning, had the best view in town yesterday at the Christmas Parade held on the mainstreet of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. 

"Love being waved at by a enormous mechanic beast that is at eyesight from the second story balcony of Mechanics Hall in Kalgoorlie. Who said the mining industry couldn't be creative." - Tracy Browning.

Check out our short snip of the parade.