Worldwide Tenement Security Software

An independent tenement management database software with the built-in ability to adapt rules and regulations from the ever-changing mines department to ensure clients keep their tenure up to date and in good standing.

The software is intuitive and provides an accurate record of commitments, whilst tracking compliance of reporting requirements nationally and worldwide.


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Ground Mapping Software

The software monitors tenure changes in property ownership near client project areas to detect and enable opportunities for new ground acquisition. Visual representation of these ground movements are seen on a map and is automatically forwarded to clients via email notifications.


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Global Tenement Management Software


All tenement requirements from application to expiry are governed by mines department requirements

Global Tenement Management Software


Manage your mineral rights globally, with access to the system wherever you operate in the world

Global Tenement Management Software


Portable and cloud based - access real time knowledge of tenure status securely online 24/7

Global Tenement Management Software


Reliable and secure, proven to achieve the results excellent tenure management requires.

Global Tenement Management Software


Empowering you to take control of your tenure with the tools to make better decisions about expenditure


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Latest news, historic mining stories, and more.

Horrible Murder at Hillgrove Mine

How a pair of stolen boots walked Amazing Grace all the way to the gallows

Hillgrove, New South Wales | 1888

One fine evening late in January 1888, John Grace strode into Faint’s Hotel in the small gold-mining town of Hillgrove, slapped a handful of silver coins onto the bar and ordered a drink. Such a common sight in an Aussie pub shouldn’t have raised any eyebrows – except the drinker in question had been bumming beers and smokes from just about everyone in that bar ever since he’d blown into town after Christmas.

Even more amazing, Grace – who now sported an uncharacteristically smart pair of new boots – proceeded to join a poker game and spent the rest of the night gambling away a startling quantity of folding money. More remarkably still, he paid his bar and room tab up to date.

Some of the onlookers may have recalled that Grace had been seen in the company of a prospector in the same bar the evening before. Maybe the pair had struck it lucky? One or two of the other drinkers might even have looked around the room to see if the prospector was also there, celebrating a new gold find.

But he wasn’t anywhere to be seen.....

Timely Tenement Wisdom

We are happy to announce our very first virtual tenement manager. Introducing…Dara!

The name Dara is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is ‘nugget of wisdom’ - a name fitting don't you think? Nugget; goldrush, wisdom; owl - tenement manager summed up!

It's no secret that our Managing Director, Tracy Browning, is passionate about bringing clients value, and due to the explosion of interest in acquiring gold tenements in the Goldfields, wanted to offer a service of wisdom that is available 24/7.

Dara's office will be located on our website but keep an eye out for the nuggets of wisdom on our social media pages!

Enjoy the convenience of timely tenement wisdom in one fully integrated virtual tenement manager.

Billy Goat Racing – an excellent sport

I’m sure that we have all heard of the term ‘Billy Cart’ which refers to a small cart with no power or pedals which was usually constructed and ridden by children. However the term originally came from Billy Goat Carts which were small carts pulled by one or sometimes two goats hitched to a small cart with a seat for one or sometimes two children.

As you will see from these ‘Goldfields Goat’ carriages it was popular from children of poorer families up to more stylish rigouts of the more well to do in the town. The goats were usually feral goats brought in from the bush and trained to pull a cart. The practice was eventually discontinued as being too cruel to the goats and dangerous to the children.